PEAS: Edward Muyomba's Story

Edward Muyomba has been part of the PEAS community since childhood, having attended one of the first PEAS schools set up.

He excelled academically and was honoured to be a beneficiary of the PEAS Laura Case Bursary Scheme, sponsoring his entire university Bachelor degree in Education. He now has returned to teach at a PEAS school in Eastern Uganda and loves his role.

“I am proud to be a teacher my dream has come true! Now it’s my duty to give back to the PEAS community where I started from. I’m glad to stand before students and share my life story to give them hope for their futures.”

PEAS promotes equal opportunities and talents for all students which Mr Muyomba fully agrees with, believing in beyond the classroom learning. He started one of the top extracurricular clubs at the school where students can participate in drama and public speaking, following his love of acting and entertainment. Also a sports master, he encourages and supports his teams.

Mr Muyomba commends the warm and welcoming nature of all PEAS staff;

“Everyone at PEAS is genuinely happy to be here to support the students and each other.”

PEAS school teachers all receive Continuous Professional Development, which Mr Muyomba believes shapes them, improving teaching and expanding personal knowledge.

“I have gained skills in classroom management and delivery, whilst making new friends”

he says appreciatively. This contributes towards the high quality education PEAS strives to provide; in 2017 the PEAS network in Uganda had an O Level pass rate of 95%. Considering PEAS takes in students who may not meet the government secondary school requirements, this is a testament to PEAS teaching and community. In the future Mr Muyomba wishes to continue his professional development and pursue a masters in Education. 

“I get to know my students and show that their education matters to me. Once they know you care about them, they will try harder to learn”

Mr Muyomba wisely says. He tries to engage all of his students:

“I use my experience working with various student learning techniques and adjust my teaching strategies to engage all students in a way that they all feel comfortable to participate.”

When asked what advice he would give to a student, Mr Muyomba thought a moment before saying:

“I would advise my students to always listen to their teachers, to their parents, to their peers. Learn to listen and really hear what others are saying, a life skill many children and adults were never taught.”