COINS Grand Tour - together we can do more

Over the past few months, changes to our daily routine have been a necessity with remote working and ‘social distancing’ becoming the norm.

Many are missing the friendly chats at the water cooler stations, working lunches or simply the every-day opportunities to interact with colleagues outside of meetings.

With the cancellation of all events in both a sporting and team activity context we came up with a solution to bring back the community feel, whilst encouraging people to get active along the way.

The COINS Grand Tour involves collectively pooling our weekly activity miles to virtually travel around all of the COINS Global offices, starting at the COINS Dallas office and finishing at the COINS Brisbane office meaning that we will cover a total of 17,000 miles in total. Any activity that covers distance counts towards the total making it a fully inclusive virtual event that you can participate in all over the world!

As we approach the end of the first month of the challenge, we are well over half-way into our journey with over 10,000 miles completed and over 60 individuals currently registered. With the restrictions on international travel, it’s also a great way to see the world and participants have been posting photos of their own COINS Grand Tour efforts.

Whilst the main drivers for this event were to bring people together, to regain the community feel and team aspect whilst encouraging a focus on health and fitness, we also wanted to raise awareness of the challenges many organisations have faced in these difficult times. Our partners Challengers rely on fundraising contributions and their year features multiple fundraising events that have been unable to go ahead so all entry contributions are going towards supporting them and the fantastic work that they do. To ensure that the COINS Grand Tour really was all inclusive, price of entry was completely optional (and could remain anonymous) but we are delighted to be able to support them in this small way, whilst bringing the company together in a fun and active way.