The Story of James & Ruth
This year we returned to Uganda to revisit James and Ruth, to see how they had benefited from the microfinance loan they obtained via Habitat for Humanity in 2012.
Five by Twelve: Uganda on Film
Bye-bye to darkness! A five minute film showing a solar installation at a Ugandan secondary school - providing lighting for the very first time.
The Original "Solar Man"
We first met John & Mary in 2012, they had been able to build their home through the microfinance loan system available through Habitat for Humanity.
Microfinance Loans with Habitat for Humanity
We work with Habitat for Humanity to provide solar panelled homes in Uganda. Find out how this has benefited one family, who can now generate extra income by charging their neighbours’ mobile phones.
COINS Coast to Coast Challenge 2013
Coast to Coast Challenge 2013 took place over three days and involved cycling over 130 miles. The teams travelled from Wokington to Tynemouth to raise money for COINS Foundation projects.