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COINS Foundation is the not for profit organisation of the COINS Group. Our primary aim is to utilize the profits of business to help disadvantaged people throughout the world achieve a better quality of life by providing a hand up rather than a hand out. Our secondary aim is to use our innovative approach to influence other businesses to support causes that they are passionate about. At our core is the belief that with privilege comes responsibility to give something back to those less fortunate than ourselves.


A unique Foundation, we follow our passion, which is to seek out disadvantaged people and provide them with the skills, knowledge, experience, equipment and support that they need to give them the best opportunity to create a viable and sustainable future for themselves in society.


We not only use the profits of our commercial enterprises but our business knowledge and acumen to coach and mentor the people, projects and organisations that we support.  Our partnerships with NGO’s, social enterprises and other organisations demonstrate how collaborations can contribute more effectively to social causes.


Leading by example, we aim to change thinking and behaviour on a global basis, to inspire businesses and individuals to contribute to a socially responsible venture or cause they’re passionate about. We’re not looking for financial contributions, our mission is to engage with individuals and to influence corporate entities to use their business acumen and profits as a force for good.


We have full control over what and how we support our projects in order to have maximum impact. We collaborate with other organisations who are aligned in our thinking and whose values and objectives are consistent with those of COINS Foundation. We work exclusively with disadvantaged people, whether that’s: economic, social, physical and mental as everyone deserves the opportunity to create a better future for themselves.

Causes We Care About – Partnerships as a Force for Good

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