The COINS Foundation is working towards an inclusive global society in which everyone enjoys the benefits of a decent place to live; enough to eat; employment and prosperity; freedom under just government and the rule of law.


We aim to build communities where no member is excluded or disenfranchised by virtue of their health, impairment, education or poverty; communities which recognises the right of all its members to equity of opportunity; where those with strength support the weaker to be strong; where the wealthy support the poorer to prosper, where the wise support the uneducated to learn.The COINS Foundation aims to support projects which address local issues in a sustainable way. We applaud those who respond to emergencies but the COINS Foundation works with its project partners and sponsors to create projects that change the root causes of poverty and discrimination, to develop long-term solutions which will help to bring about permanent change. 

The COINS Foundation has three goals:

  • To build sustainable communities
  • To include the excluded
  • To create a better future by engaging the adults of tomorrow
The three goals are universal ambitions for every COINS Foundation project wherever in the world.  We seek to work in partnership to address the needs of the most excluded communities in the world. We believe in supporting projects that are sustainable; which do the greatest good for the greatest number; which model practices that can be replicated and which demonstrate the civilising nature of Inclusion

The COINS Foundation receives sponsorship for all of its costs. This means that 100% of the money raised goes to our project partners.


The COINS Foundation was established to co-ordinate the charitable activities in Larry Sullivan's companies and disburse the funds. The Coins Foundation seeks to invigorate and inspire the Corporate Social programmes of the construction and insurance industries and invites companies to take advantage of its co-ordinated framework for their CSR activities and charitable giving.


The Foundation is enormously grateful for all the support which it receives from its partners.
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